Design Services


GRAPHIC DESIGN has an important role in today's competive business environment.

Graphic design services help elevate ordinary elements to cohesive, impressive marketing materials; providing an effective platform for communication with your target audience.  A good designer will understand how to use technology and art to persuade, engage, and entertain.


A logo conveys your identity as a company and should represent the essence of who you are. Your logo should be strong and translate across different mediums, evoking the same meaning across all media platforms. Remember to keep the design simple yet versatile, appealing to different audiences. Let your logo tell a story.

Logo Design Package:

  • 4 logo Design Mock-ups
  • One of which will be revised and developed as final.
  • Logo file provided in full color, black & white and reversed color combo.
  • Logo file provided in .eps, .jpg, .png files.
  • Logo sized for Social Media platforms.
  • Branding style guide with fonts and color breakdowns.


Your print marketing materials should be eye catching, professional and designed so your clients instantly recognize your brand. We understand the thought and care that go into creating cohesive printed communications, and you can count on us to do exactly that on your brand’s behalf. Our talented graphic designers have the ability to extend your brand to the offline market, creating identities systems, direct mail pieces, brochures, postcards, and more.

Direct Mail: The mailman can be your biggest brand advocate, delivering your keenly composed postcards, catalogs, mailers and magazines. If your target market is one that’s best reached via mail, we can help you get their attention.

Affordable Full Color Printing: We offer high-quality, full-color printing that would have been unaffordable just a few years back. No matter the design or client we have the printing solution for you.


In today’s ever-changing online world, your website can no longer stand alone. Only by driving traffic to your website will it become an effective marketing tool. Through Search Engine Optimization, eNewslettes, and blogs we’re able to assist you with your digital marketing strategy.

In addition you may choose to invest in additional digital marketing efforts, including:

• eBlast
• Digital Advertising
• Interstitials
• Digitized Billboards
• Social Media
• Mobile Ads
• Holiday E-Cards